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Copyright Information - Here is where you want to go to officially copyright(©) your work.

Trademark Information - Go here to get your work Trademarked (™).

Hurricane Electric - A place we use to host our web sites. See what they have to offer (this site is hosted with Hurricane). This is only to host your site, they do not offer internet connection services, just web space.

Hostroute - I use this site to create my customer's sites. I can create multiple sites under one main domain but my clients will have their own domain name.

PayPal - Pay by credit card or receive payments by credit card. Sign up through this link and we both receive $5.

Solution Graphics

BetterWhois - Go here to find if a domain name is available.

In order to view aPDF, you need Adobe Acrobat. To download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader from click: - Great place to register domain names for a lot less than $35 a year.

Overnight Prints - This is a web site you can print small amounts of business cards at a small price (100 cards for $15). You can have matte or glossy cards and the paper is nice and thick. I use this company everytime I need a small run (100, 250 or 500 cards).

Application/Programming Stuff

MSA - A site with tons of CGI Scripts for web pages.

Tucows - A place to download tons of shareware and freeware applications for most computer platforms (Mac, Windows, UNIX and more).

Graphic Links

Animation Factory - Go here to purchase cool looking 3D animations for your web site. We have used some of them on our web sites.

Icon Factory - Do you like to change the look of your computer (the little icons for your folders and applications?) If so, go here.

Hands on Training for Photoshop