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WHY DID SPIRIT FOLD? We got some answers. If you would like to know what happened.. click on the "Why did Spirit Fold" text to find out. If you have any other information on this topic, please send it to me. Thanks!

Recent Pic of
Regan Patrick
Deidre Leiner
Robbie & Maria Jolliff
Jason (Timmons) McCammond
Martha Garcia
Dawn (Hunt) Espana

New picture(s) from the following years:

tons of pictures
from Mr. Sears:
1981 thru 1990
and other people

Yearbook pictures:
All yearbooks are accounted for. Thanks for all the people that helped put this section together. Now we need more pictures.

You can send them via snail mail or e-mail. If you choose snail mail, please e-mail me for my address. Include a self addressed stamped envelop to get your pictures back. Thanks!

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Member Memories

In Memory of

Carol Anne Whylie Phillips
passed away 2/8/05

Eric (Curry) Frolkey
passed away 12/03




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DVD's or currently unavailable. If you know someone who can duplicate the DVD's, please let me know as soon as you can.

What People are saying about the DVD's:

"I recently got the 1992 DVD and I must say I am VERY impressed. Good quality, and quite a few shows to see from 1992. I was pleased to see finals considering the drumline (which I was in) abslutely smoked finals. And of course, there was the UOP show where we totally choked that night. I was also please to see our final run through at Mt Ranier. Watching this brought back so many memories of just how fun it was to be in Spirit Of Sunnyvale. I highly reccomend getting the DVD's for any year you marched. I can tell that a lot of time and thought went into producing these discs as they are of the utmost quality. Way to go!!!"

"They are absolutely great! It was fun watching all the great memories I had from my years in Spirit (1986-1992). A few that I recall are the 1987 sectional drill competition where the Clarinets won, the 1989 Alumni Christmas parade, and John Do's great speech at the end of the 1990 season. This is a great way to preserve all of our memories from our years of marching and being involved in Spirit." -- Mickey Helms (1986-1992)

"These are great. I sat fixed to the TV, remembering the fun I had with the band. "Jerusalem" raised goose bumps.... I got a kick out of your video at your (Brad's) apartment putting "Over There" to drill, and then seeing it on the field. Nice touch. ...the final product is something that I will be proud to show my kids." --Jeff Pokorny

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Spirit videos are needed for the following years 1995 thru 1997. If you have any footage of the championship fieldshow or other late season fieldshows, please contact Brad Hawkins.

i was told there wasn't a yearbook for 1996. So, all the yearbooks have been accounted for and are up on the site.

We are looking for music tapes for the following years: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997. If you have some decent quality cassette recordings, please send me an e-mail.

I need more pictures for all years!
Please send them on in
Thank you!!!!

I was in Spirit for almost 5 years. It's one of the few events that had helped me through those "teenage" years. I learned how to sell chocolate bars door to door, twirl a flag/rifle/saber, and change outfits during a field show within a few seconds. These were just a few things that I could always use later in life.

Seriously, being in Spirit opened my eyes to the outside world. It has helped me learn to deal with various different types of people and see cool places (Wyoming, Utah!)

I finally decided to put together this site to bring together the few hundred people Spirit has touched. It's neat to know what happened to us all. What we've accomplished, what we did after Spirit. How much do we miss this band (I know I do).

As most of you know, Spirit is no longer around. The members who were in it during the 80's were lucky because that was the peak of perfection. When all our hard work paid off and we kicked Santa Ana's butts (that was to biggest turning point in Spirits history)!! Since I wasn't in it after the 80's, I really don't know what happened. I know that Mr. Hawkins left, Bingo folded, and Spirit was just never the same.

There are now tons of pictures from several people and myself. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us!

If you would like your story (or stories) and/or pictures posted, e-mail them to me. If you would like to send it via snail mail, e-mail me for my address.

I look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to be notified when more items become available on this site, fill out the "Add Your Name" form. Your name will be added to the alumni listing and be added to our e-mail list.

It will be great to hear from you all.

Take Care,
Ginger Ellis Greenfield (Spirit Alumni '82-'86)

Here is an archived guestbook and an archived message board.

New Members:
Bryce Keen
Michelle Powell
Lorinda (Sloan) Pardi
Brad Fowler
Wyn Davies
Rollie Arbolante
Annelise McCreery Martinez

New Parent:

New Staff:
Jeff Pearson
Devin Hammer

New Stories:

Greg Humphreys
Kelly (Fueger) McAlister
Jennifer A. Johnson
Bob Beck
Ken Serra
Jon Culbertson

There are 3 sections for alumni's - Members, Staffs and Boosters. If you are in more than one, you will be listed as long as you tell me what section(s) you were in.

Bad E-mail Addresses:
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Pass on your stories....
Tell us what your best memories are of Spirit... What do you remember of the "Hot Dog Surprise"? Why were some band members sent home during the Canada Trip?? How about your memory of the Canada trips? Klondike days?

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Some people have sent info on the "Medford Story" and the "Ghost Story". Check it out.

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