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From the Renegades

Greetings Spirit of Sunnyvale!

I was wondering if you could do me a favor.
First, let me introduce myself ... my name is Jeff DeMello, and I'm the President of the Blue Devils organization.  I marched in BD from '73 to '78, was tour director in '83, and have been on the Board of Directors since '98.  I'm also Vice President (and Baritone) of the Renegades Drum & Bugle Corps. (, technically a Senior Corps, but we dropped the moniker "Senior" as it makes us feel too old!).  I've lived in Sunnyvale and Mountain View for 22 years, and followed Spirit through the years when it was active.

Anyway, the favor ... an invitation, really ---

I was wondering if you could forward this e-mail to all ex-Spirit members as an open invitation to join the Renegades.  We have positions open in the Horn line, drum line, and Guard.  We would be more than honored to have those who marched in Spirit of Sunnyvale join our ranks.

Our next rehersal is this upcoming Saturday, April 15th, at noon, at the corps hall of the Santa Clara Vanguard (but check the web page for any changes).  Our fall back rehersal site is Chabot College in Hayward.
As a note of interest, the Renegades have formed an alliance with the Blue Devils ... and might just possibly become part of the Blue Devils family!  See for more information.
Thanks in advance for passing this along ... I appreciate it!  Here's hoping to see the Spirit again live in the Renegades!
Jeff DeMello
President, Blue Devils
Vice President, Renegades


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