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Message from Gary Butera

It's too late for Spirit, but not for everyone else. Please pass this along to everyone.

State Senator Richard Polanco (D- Los Angeles, District 22) has introduced a bill (SB 832) that would limit non-profit, charitable bingo operations to 3 days a week.

(Of course, for-profit corporate bingo operations would not be limited. Kind of indicates who contributed to the Senators last election campaign. But I digress.)

This restriction would severely limit the ability of such youth music programs as the Santa Clara Vanguard and Concord Blue Devils to provide the services they do to the many young people who participate in these programs.

IN FACT, this bill would effectively put the Concord Blue Devils out of business.

Other organizations that would be affected include Santa Clara Aquamaids, Elks, Rotary clubs and other community and faith based programs that rely on bingo revenue to fund their various programs.

In addition to limiting the number of days allowed, the bill would impose additional paper-work and other regulatory requirements that would have to be overseen by local law enforcement. Thus taking time and resources away from REAL crime investigation.

I am therefore requesting that you email Mr. Polanco at and submit the following statement:

As a supporter of youth music programs in California, I am OPPOSED to SB 832 and encourage you to vote NO on this bill.

I would also request that you cc Senator Byron Sher, 11th district (Santa Clara County) at and your local state senator. You can find your local Senator at

Thank you for your time,

Gary Butera


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