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Sad but true. Spirit is no longer around. We only have our memories. Maybe someday, someone might find the time, money and perseverance to make Spirit a reality once more.

Here is the answer...
Not for the weak at heart!

But, until then... lets look back on our time in Spirit and be happy to have once been a part of something that touched so may lives.

Spirit folded for several reasons:

  • Membership dropped, falling below 40 members.

  • With a drop in membership, there was a corresponding drop in revenues.

  • We lost the free practice facility at Columbia Middle School when the community center was constructed. As a result, we searched for another facility and could find nothing for free. The City had nothing. We ended up renting space at the Kings Academy (old Sunnyvale High). This was an additional financial burden that had to be borne by the group.

  • The band struggled to continue, built around a group of returning veterans and their families. However, without "new blood", there were no new boosters to carry on.

  • The recruiting was getting more difficult, in light of the financials. Even with the string of SBI wins, we could not draw the new members. It was difficult to compete with the local high schools, which have pretty good marching band programs.

  • The last straw occurred when King's Academy asked us to leave. They were renting out space in evenings to DMV for classes and felt that the noise was not compatible...

  • On top of that, Spirit had an old loan that needed to be paid off. Without the facilities support that the band enjoyed in the "early years", it got to the point where it could not be sustained. The costs of facilities, insurance, band director/staff, tour, etc. caused the cost per person to be prohibitive.

  • The Board decided to liquidate assets to pay off the debt and fold up.
If you have more information or another side of the story, please send me an e-mail. Thanks!


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