To the left is Melvin Freitas and on the right is David Hundsness.

Melvin was the section leader and Dave the drill-designer for the Phone Section's (Saxophones and Mellophones) Sectional Drill Competition at the last band-camp for the year. The Phones performed their own drill to "The William Tell Overture," also used as the theme to the TV show, "The Lone Ranger," which explains the costuming.

The section's drill was performed expertly, and was extremely creative, earning them first place in the competition and winning them a Pizza Pig-Out and 50 pts. towards the Outstanding Section trip at the end of the year. Melvin and Dave were up front with the other section leaders in the "retreat" waiting for the results to be announced when this photo was taken.

Picture Submitted by Ginger Ellis (Brad Hawkins supplied the information).