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"Canada or BUSSED"
Here we're sitting on the bus
Our Driver's making such a fuss
"Don't be leaning on the seats!"
He says again, and again repeats

There are several boxes making sound;
Music clashes and headaches pound
When their batteries start to die
I'll be relieved (Deep heavy sigh)

I'm getting cramps in all my limbs
The only legs un cramped are Jim's.
He's got two seats all to himself
'cause he's on the staff (that devilish elf)

I'm looking out the window now.
I see a horse, I see a cow.
The cow is mooing, eating grass
While I'm sitting here on my bottom.

I look for other things to see
I se a very leafy tree.
And as I see my leafy tree
My butt begins to bother me.

I'm very uncomfortable in these seats
The cramps in my legs have spread to my feet
There's just one way to escape the pain
I'm going back to sleep again.
But the comes true my terrible fears -
It's impossible to sleep with pounding in my ears

Bus 1 is as bad as 2 or 3
We drive on north so boringly
I just can't wait until we get there
Too bad "There" is God knows where!!!

"Moments of Glory "
Songs of freedom
Heralding the story
of the Warriors'
moments of glory.

Moments of glory -
Days in the sun
Reaching for the sky, we strive;
We fight, we gain,
We take the glory
We win the prize.
Moments of glory
Nights under lights
The pride, the passion, the prize
Stop-gap, honed clap, drum-slap:
The victory is taken
Up-beat, tap-feet, jazz street;
The memory will not fade
When the victory is made.

Songs of new-age
Heralding the story
of the Warriors
Moments of glory

"The Staff "
SPIRIT O' SUNNYVALE on the road,
The busses carry a heavy load.
They carry marchers, that is true.
They carry the staff and luggage, too!

We need the luggage to change our clothes,
The staff just keeps us on our toes.
They make the rules, they know them well.
They think the rules they make are swell.

Some say they're human, some why they're not
I, myself, don't care a lot.
Look carefully and you can see
Each one of them acts differently!

While all are strict, a few are cruel,
Some are nasty, some are cool.
But I think it's clear that it's a fact
It doesn't matter how they act,
'Cause overall, they treat us fair.
It's plain to see they really care.


"Over There "
The pace, the passion, the pride;
The victory -
"Send the word, send the word, Over There"
The drill, the drive, the dream;
"A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh, As time goes by"
The prayer, the power, the precision;
"Off we go into the wild blue yonder"
The relentless pursuit of an ideal
Sing, swing -
Catch a falling star:
Don't give up on what you believe;
"We'll be over, we're comin' over
And it won't be done, till it's over, over there!"

Klondike Days are finally done
Now we can start to have some fun.
We swept the show, as everyone knew,
In spite of the chunks the Klondikers blew.

The first parade was really a blast
Expect for the judges we walked right past.
They didn't have nothin' to mark the beginning -
That stupid mistake caused the Commodore's winning.

We had a few standstills and things of that kind
If they weren't so darned hokey, I don't think I'd mind.
The geeky old Klondikers act rather sleazy.
They pushed us around as if marching is easy.

Thank God for a trip to the mall as a break -
It was definitely a break we all needed to take.
The mall was so BIG that you just might get lost -
That risk was offset by how little things cost.

The ice-skating rink was a major attraction
Full of excitement and fun high-speed action:
There goes poor Forrest, so fast he can't stop
So he slides on his butt to the wall, then kerplop!

There was also a dance held for all of the bands
Where we all got a chance to get out there and dance.
The food there was good - For that I am glad,
But there ain't no word for the music they had.

The hokey geek gigs were almost completed.
The staff and the band said, "It's time we competed!"
We practiced and practiced to make the show great
And prove a few things to the geeks that we hate.

We showed all the Klondikers that "SPIRIT" has class
And showed 'em we wouldn't kiss anyone's bottom
We gave it our best and performed really well -
The crowd clapped so loud that the stands nearly fell.

It's finally finished and ended and done
At times we had fun and at times we had none.
In any case, now it's easy to tell
That the KLONDIKE DAYS geek gigs
get a BIG

"Highest of Highs"
The quest, the glory:
The Warriors will not find their end
Without finding the highest of highs.
The work, the sweat,
The hours of effort are too great
to suffer loss.
On the wings of our pride, we are carried
by the wind of our spirit
To glory;
To the highest of highs.
Let the lofty ideals
Become our reality;
Let the highest of highs
Become our prize

The members of "SPIRIT" are all getting sick.
The staff and the parents say, "Ooh Gross! ICK! ICK!"
Some say it's the food, some say it's the air,
But whatever's the case, it ends up on the chair.

My stomach is queasy, I'm starting to barf -
Will it land on your hat? Will it land on your scarf?
But wherever it lands, no matter which bus,
We all must pull over and make a big fuss.

Mr. Hawkins comes by and says, "Don't barf no more -
Cause the windiest roadways are all still in store!"
"Oh no!" says the band. "We're sentenced to die!
We'll be sent to the bathroom way up in the sky!"

These are the perils of life on the road:
If you hold it all in, you just might explode.
But if you give in and you let yourself vomit,
You'll then have to clean up with extra-strength COMET.

As the bus keeps on driving through Canada's hills,
Tami is passing out Dramamine pills.
She tells us to think about happier thoughts,
Instead of the illness we all think we've gots.

If you feel like rejecting the food you've been fed,
It just might be true that it's all in your head.
So think about marching band shows that you've seen -
it'll keep your mind busy, and keep the bus clean!!!

"Side by Side "
Silently we wander, all silvery and white
Our strength, it grows immeasurably
from morning through to night
Never have so many stood side by side as one
And when the season's over
WE know our job's been done
Recognition, glory,
Winning is not our biggest chore.
To gain strength, guidance and wisdom is
What we're looking for,
We've accomplished the impossible,
and we're going for it all
Never have so many stood as one
and stood so very tall

There once was a band know as 'Spirit'
No other Youth Band could come near i.
At all of their shows,
As everyone knows.
People for miles could hear it!

We build not with bricks
But with glory and with pride
We build a monument.
We reach a peak,
And yet we build.
Build the monument
Build the monument higher
Feed the fiery furnace
Build and feed the fire.
We will build the monument.
Every light, every challenge;
We build the monument
Every task set before us;
We will build the monument.
Feed the fire,
Burn it higher,

We wanted to enter American states
But the border patrol said "Please unpack your freights"
Well we weren't gonna do it
So instead we said "Screw it!"
And we went off and entered through different gates.

Stick slap
Drum tap
In pace, in time, in rhythm
Tap feet
Drum beat
The pride, the pace, the precision
We'll fight
To get a higher score
We'll compete
And we'll beat
Santa Ana's ninety-four

They won the contest. . . once
Now we must show where the real mistake was made
We must fight to the end with fire in our eyes
And reclaim -
Reclaim the honor,
The victory,
The prize.
We must never surrender,
But we must fight and drive with fire in our eyes:
We must take back what once belonged to us;
The Warriors who fought and earned a title
Must reclaim.
Reclaim the glory,
The contest,
The prize.
We must never surrender,
But we must fight and drive with fire in our eyes:

"Sing to the Sky "
Press toward the mark,
Run for the prize
Push it to the limit:
Sing to the sky.
A hope, a dream,
a boundless fantasy;
It cannot end:
Sing to the sky.
A shadow had been cast,
But don't lose your dream;
Where there's a shadow, there's a light:
Sing to the sky.

It seems a famous man once said:
Give up.

If the victory is worth the price
if the desire can pull use through
If we are to attain the highest of highs:
Sing to the sky.

If you believe in God,
Then believe in yourself
I can do all things. . .
Sing to the sky.


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