7/28/2001 - Spirit Alumni Reunion

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The 2nd (but first official) Reunion has come and gone. It was so great to see those that were able to make it. Some people like Dave Cantey found out about the site a week ago and dropped by. It took me looking in the 82 yearbook to figure out who he was. (Now I remember). Even though a few people couldn't stay long, we had a chance to chat with them before they ran off. I enjoyed talking with the later year alumni's (like John Hopkins and Sara) to see how different Spirit was. To me it was a little sad that these members didn't have the same experience I had but it sounded like they enjoyed themselves during their Spirit years (which is great to hear).

It sounded like a lot of members had a great time at the reunion. Seeing how well everyone is doing and how much Spirit has touched their lives was such a wonderful feeling. I'm glad to know everyone is doing well.

Thank you Julie (Nordin) Siegenthaler and Melanie (Anderson) Giusti for all your help with this reunion. Also thanks for those that helped set up and clean up (the spouses and parents). All the help was and is greatly appreciated!

Here's the list of those that came. Most were in the guestbook but some forgot to sign-in. Please let me know if I don't have you down.

Brenda Ellis Greg Ellis & Family Melanie (Anderson) Giusti
Julie (Nordin) Siegenthaler Ginger Ellis & Jason Jerry & Fran Ellis
Jim Nordin & Family Zoe Meyer Banchieri & husband Pat Hunter
Maura (Worth) Skipps & Doug Karin Gleim Chivers Erika Vanslow
Sandy & Jim Jackson John LeMieux Aaron Meyer
Diane Gleim Jeff & Alia Chaplin Kurt Wolf
John & Chondra Hopkins Lynda Meyer Tracie Branch
Jenni Craven Kirsten Larson C.J. Priest
Rafael Rodriguez David Cantey Kathleen (Quigley) Tanaka
Mariann (Tonder) LauKaitis Aleida (Hernandez) Kolodzieski Sara & Ercan Erhan
Lorraine Nordin Laina Worth  


Looking forward to next year!

See you then.

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